Posted by: lianaaa | August 5, 2009

Sad, Sad Kermit.

This is my response to the first ever Idle Ivy Challenge! Now get on it and show us yours!

Warning: This video contains Muppets and the following: drug use, nudity, sexual acts, tons of sadness.

That is Kermit the effing Frog. Lovable, green, just tryna make The Muppet Show happen, you know? And suddenly here he is, all ridin’ the H train and succumbing to Rolf’s… Eugh. It’s just not right.

Well you know what else just isn’t right? Going to school in the goddamned tundra for four years where the only thing keeping you going is a cheap sun lamp and Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs, thinking it’s all gonna freaking lead to something great, then reaching graduation and getting spit out into the worst economy since who knows when and STILL thinking “Good thing I went to an IVY!” and finally realizing that no, you overprivileged so-and-so, that wildly expensive education which you endured with one goal in mind is, in fact, completely unhelpful in this grueling, miserable job market.

THAT’S not right. You did me dirty, Cornell. You did me damn dirty.

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