Posted by: Alice Inc. | August 1, 2009

Idle Ivy Challenge

To My Dearest Idlers,

Because I know that the most time and attention consuming endeavor you’ve undertaken in the last 48 hours has been uncovering the intricacies of John Gosling’s lovelife with near surgical precision, I have decided to help salvage what’s left of your sharpness and wit by challenging you to to a challenge… put that in your redundancy pipe and smoke it by inhaling its smoke.

The “You Tube, You Lose Challenge” will test your creativity, lateral mobility, and quite possibly your BMI. It is not for the soft-hearted, hard-headed, or those lacking computer literacy. Should you win this challenge, employers worldwide who read blogs about the unemployed will know that you possess invaluable skills — the ability to use search engines, the ability to type, and the ability to think about yourself. In other words, the winner of this challenge will be GUARANTEED to have a chance to find A JOB!

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to FIND a youtube video that describes your emotions about the future, unemployment, or your current situation — whatever that is. Then, describe how that video captures your struggles, stress, or, but probably not, triumphs.

For example, this is unacceptable: Ew, so much joy.

Good luck, God bless.

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