Posted by: malpants15 | June 23, 2009

Cornell, ruiner of spirits, destroyer of credit.

Today Cornell literally lost my identity.  They did not think it was enough to beat down my self-esteem, tear away my financial freedom, and ruin me of my physical health; instead, they lost my ssn.  Someone in administration fucked up, ignored guidelines, and entered 45,000 people’s personal data, unencrypted, onto a computer.  That was then stolen.  I don’t know whether to put this on here or fml. Or my tombstone.


  1. This totally pissed me off (they got mines too, and I’m guessing our entire class judging by the 45,000 lost)
    At least we will get to find out our credit scores for free though.

    Awes blog btw, I love your substitute teaching story


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